Can moringa help boost your brain?

Can moringa help boost your brain?

Can moringa help boost your brain?

An often overlooked benefits of Moringa is its ability to boost a person’s brain development and help people maintain mental clarity over prolonged periods of time. The main way it does this is by providing our brain cells with more oxygen.

Oxygen is the fuel of life, right down to the cellular level. This is why people in high stress jobs that demand high performance are often given pure oxygen. Meraki M Moringa’s high iron content, which is about 25 times more than found in spinach, is what makes it so good for the brain. This iron is transformed into hemoglobin, which boosts the oxygen supply to the brain.


“Meraki M takes its composition to the next level, using the highest quality and utilise the Moringa plant to its maximum benefits”


Meraki M Moringa is also rich in zinc, that has been shown to increase the activity between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The left side of the brain is the logical, calculating side, while the right hemisphere holds our creative side. Increased interaction between the hemispheres increases both the amount of logic and creativity we apply to our work, resulting in better performance. Taking iron and zinc supplements won’t have the same effect because of the artificial nature. Our bodies can't properly process artificial substances.

Since Meraki M’s Moringa is a food, it will be more readily absorbed by the body. The resulting combination of having a greater oxygen supply and better brain activity can result in higher IQs and greater mental alertness. It is these kinds of amazing health benefits that truly make Moringa an AMAZING tree.

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