HOW do our blends HELP support THYROID HEALTH:

HOW do our blends HELP support THYROID HEALTH:

HOW do our blends HELP support THYROID HEALTH:

Our Super M blend contains Moringa Seed and leaf in a perfect balance for health most of the key nutrients known to help support healthy thyroid function. 

  1. Selenium deficiency is often associated with increased rate of thyroid disease. Selenium areas can decrease thyroid antibody levels in those with an autoimmune thyroid issue. Moringa contains 10mcg of selenium per 100g.

  2. Zinc plays an import role in thyroid hormone production by converting T4 into T3 (T3 is the more powerful thyroid hormone); and has been shown to increase T3 levels in the body. 100g of moringa contains 600mcg of zinc.

  3. Moringa is also high in the key vitamins that assist in thyroid hormone production: vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, and B vitamins.

In addition, Super M is known for giving a natural energy boost,  that most people with thyroid issues are looking for. One of the biggest complaints and symptoms of thyroid disease is fatigue and lethargy. Therefore, moringa is the perfect potion to help combat the fatigue while also supporting the health of the thyroid. 

There are also many studies that have shown Moringa to help increase metabolism through the high density of nutrients feeding your body to help support and kick start of functions.

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