Natural Flavours - The truth

Natural Flavours - The truth

Natural Flavours - The truth

Natural Flavours - The truths? 

Natural flavor is an umbrella term that describes many ingredients, including meat, eggs, and dairy. So it’s not definitely a vegan or vegetarian ingredient although it may be depending on the products however for us what we found is tracing Natural Flavours back to determine where they originate from & are they vegan is an absolute mind field... 

Many brands use natural flavor to hide ingredients on average,  Natural Flavours are made up of 50-100 ingredients.  Say what? We ask the question why not list ingredients. 

We don't have the answer for that all we can do is speculate.. 

The only reason we can think of is, it can also include nasty ingredients that nobody would never buy intentionally. Two of them are beaver anal glands and beetles, among others.

The next time you grab a healthy snack at the store, try to guess all of the flavors creating that delicious taste.

Most likely you’ll see the term “Natural Flavor”— it is the fourth most common ingredient in packaged foods after all.. 

Although seeing the word “natural” might put your mind at ease, natural flavors are more like natural disasters.

The Food and Drug Administration defines natural flavors as derived from plants and animals, but that doesn’t mean that your strawberry flavor comes from strawberry. In fact, your “strawberry flavor” can include chemicals such as amyl acetate, cinnamyl isovalerate, isopropyl valerate, and more.

It is impossible to guess exactly what chemicals are used though because food companies do not disclose the ingredients that compose their natural flavors. This is why you probably didn’t know that a popular ingredient in natural raspberry and vanilla flavors is castoreum, a secretion from beavers’ anal glands.

yes you heard right BEAVERS BUTT.. 

Upon learning this I wasn't sure if to Laugh, cry or be in complete disbelief.. was this discovered

2.Why an earth would we do this?  

And while the idea of licking a beaver’s butt might feel like the most disturbing thing about natural flavors, further investigations showed more - it actually gets worse. Natural flavors can contain more chemicals than artificial flavors as mentioned anywhere from 50 to 100 ingredients can go into one flavor and is pretty unregulated.. 

Even more disturbing is that chemicals and additives serving purposes beyond taste can be snuck into a product under the “natural flavor” umbrella. If you are still upset over the beaver butt business, then you might not want to hear that almond flavor, created by benzaldehyde and benzoic acid, is actually toxic and can be lethal in large doses.  So many of us have had that sick feeling, bloating, IBS, hormone imbalances do we actually know what the route cause really is. 

So why do companies use natural flavors? To create the perfect taste that no batch tastes slightly different.  You will know with whole foods one strawberry can taste different to the other and so on, to eliminate this difference in taste and to create the perfect taste. NATURAL FLAVOURS are used and also not to mention this massively drives cost of production down.  

These natural flavors are also used to create flavors that might taste natural, but are actually more addictive than their whole food counterparts, causing you to eat and crave more of it.


Out little take away tips: 

-You need to either contact the company 

- Avoid Natural Flavours embrace the different tastes across batches 

-Opt for whole foods 

-Opt for transparent ingredients 

-And carry on being Awesome and doing your bit for man kind & the planet 

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