What Is the Hype about Peptides?

What Is the Hype about Peptides?

What Is the Hype about Peptides?

Peptides are emerging as a key factor in any anti-aging regime as they are proving to be so versatile. Over the years we have seen many a product contain anti-aging ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Niacinamide. These have been a really hit for many and will continue to be.  Fast becoming a favourite is Peptides, and we will tell you a few reasons why you should love to have these beauties in your skincare regimes? 

Firstly what are Peptides? 

A very easy way to think about them are the building blocks that makeup protein. These building blocks are called amino acids. When they link together, they become the basis of protein which is pretty important considering our collagen is made up of Protein. 

Collagen is receiving a lot of press at the minute so you may be familiar with this word also.. 

Collagen peptides make up 80% of the dermal layer of the skin and the amount of collagen our skin contains declines as we age, as we often here from our elders “My skin isnt like it use to be, It is not as plump or elastic” Hey guess what our mums, aunts, grandmas were telling the truth. 

The use of peptides in your skincare regime signals the skin to repair itself and encourages the skin to keep collagen production up and assists in keeping your dermal layer thick, the skin firm, and smooth. 

The use of Peptides however is not to replace your Vitamin A, C and Niacinamide, they work in conjunction with these vitamins to best enhance anti-wrinkle, skin rejuvenation, elasticity enhancement, moisturizing and cell vitalisation properties. 

We like to think of Peptides to giving your skin a protein shake. It provides the skin the tools it needs to create more collagen and elastin. So PROTEIN is not just for Gym goers, sports people, we all need high quality protein for our whole body to be at its best inside & Out.

Why are Australian native extracts so powerful in skincare? 

Due to our harsh climate, Australian trees and plants have adapted over millions of years to protect themselves from damaging UV rays and unforgiving conditions. This survival mechanism has increased the potency of the fruit making them the ideal source for extracts designed to heal, nourish and protect cells.

For this very reason we use carefully and sustainable sourced MORINGA OIL for all its own amazing properties from its high potency in Vitamins A, C and many other minerals (Known for its Miracle effects in long term hydration for the skin, feeding your skin vital minerals and vitamins will ensure your skin can thrive and kicks its own beauty goals. Our best seller of the week Moringa Peptide Serum uses Moringa Oil carefully crafted with Australian Native plants for benefits discussed and maximising on the peptide benefits of the Australian Native Nicotine Plant.. 

Check out our latest range and any questions regarding your health or skin please feel free to reach out for a free online consultation 

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