About us

We absolutely love all things health and making the BEST plants from around the world accessible. After travelling to over 33 countries and spending many months in India, we was blown away by how powerful and life changing Superfoods are. Nourishing your body with whole, natural, non harmful ingredients inside and out, watch out the results will astound you. Plus it’s a lot of fun trying out some of the most exotic, rare superfoods from around the world, from cooking with them to rubbing the wholesome creams into your skin.

“Moringa is where we started as we evolved we have been able to add many of its Superfood friends with there wonderful strengths and health benefits to our range, I feel this needs to be shared as it can benefit and help so many just like it did me”  


Through my own personal battle mentally and physically, I learnt the powers of Natural remedies, SUPERFOODS are the most nutrient dense, versatile foods on the planet that keep on giving in term of health benefits and for me personally this has been life changing. My love for health and knowing everything about superfoods and the discovery of new ones fills me with excitement as I know how much change it will make to so many other peoples health.

At the heart of Meraki M we focus on enhancing lives through eliminating toxins and educating people to make nourishing and powerful nutrition choices. We believe in convenience of SUPERFOODS without sacrificing your health, sustainability (we do not want to add to the pandemic of Carbon production) and reducing the plastic circulating our globe and beautiful ocean by making ethical business choices regarding where we source our products and their packaging.

“If we cannot create a product that’s friendly and derived from 100% plants, then we will not create it. We do not believe we should be using chemicals on or in our body full stop! We have everything we need in the ground.”
Our roots of our business started in Australia, we have changed the face of Moringa, a once very potent health elixir found in native country India and modernising this powerful tree without compromising it’s amazing health benefits, making it accessible, delicious and even into radiant cosmetics.

Use this advanced section to build your own layouts or to add custom HTML or scripts.“From personal experience of dealing with health battles, my dream is to share and inspire others what I have learnt, easy switches can make huge impacts, I will always produce products that are genuinely nourishing. I hope to bring health and fun into each persons lives that come in contact with us and use our products, after all Sun and Superfoods do make you feel good right? Transparency and integrity in what we produce will always be driving forces. My grandad (farmer) said do what you love and the rest will follow ”

Stephanie Hughes, Founder & CEO