Beets Eco Kit

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Nothing beets this kit, the worlds first sustainable & fun superfoods.. Ready to up your smoothie game?  

What is Beetroot Powder?
Make your food POP in a heartbeet*.

I actually think beet is a secret ingredient and totally understated, I guess she is humble nothing beets* that..  this all-natural color straight from red little beeties.

Create a gorgeous velvet cake, a pinkish red pasta, Beet Hummous, Pinkish red icing  with just a spoon of our badass beetroot powder.  If you want to colour your food the natural way or simple increase your stamina & endurance which beet its known for the bundle has you. 

Whats included? 

Cute Bamboo Cup ( The only bamboo cup with a lid on sale YESS) 

Bamboo Straw 

Coconut Bowl 

100% organic Beetroot powder 

Ready to be Un beet able (*Pun intended)

Ingredients: Organic Beetroot powder
Net weight: 100 g
Serving Size: 1 teaspoon 
Servings Per Package:40
Storage: Dry and cool in a sealed container.
Shelf life: 2 years from production date


    Why try us?

    Well we live & breath quality, Plastic free, sustainably sourced and lastly the epic health benefits that come from this bundle.  

    This bundle is packed solid with natural vitamins & amp up your mineral intake minus the nasties we swapped the nasties for taste.

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